Kodak Wi-Fi Picture frames and also knows as EASYSHARE digital Picture Frames which increase beauty of your home. Four new “KODAK EASYSHARE digital LCD picture frames” are hot now a days in the market like 8 inch and 10 inch LCD with built in EX1011 & EX811 (Wi-Fi) and 7 inch and 8 inch stander  screens – SV710 & SV81.

The family of frames shows off KODAK Color skill, its standard and use of colors. This product has JPEG picture and many video categories like MPEG 1 & 4, MOV, AVI, & MP3 music with different memory cards named CF, MMC, SD, xD and MS.

KODK EAASYSHARE Digital Picture Frames are available in four versions.

   1. KODAK EASYSHARE EX1011 Digital Picture Frame with 10 inch screen and 800*480 high resolutions.
    2. KODAK EASYSHARE SV811 Digital Picture Frame
   3. KODAK EASYSHARE EX811 Digital Picture Frame with 8 inch screen and 800*480 high resolutions.
   4. KODAK EASYSHARE SV710 Digital Picture Frame with 7 inch screen and 480*234 high resolutions with 16:3 aspect ration.

      Kodak is not only manufacturer and supplier of Picture frames – Kodak is a well renowned in the world due to its brands.

      This low cost digital frame is very simple and friendly user. You can connect it directly to a printer with the usage of USB cable.

      When buying the Kodak picture frame try to take opinion from some of the people who are using it. Also explore the market for getting good and affordable price. Compare the technical details and specifications of the product.  

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